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White Papers

Why do businesses need an Accounts Payable Automation Solution?
Every business benefits from automated payment processes reduced expenses and improved operational efficiencies. The accounts payable payment process is often tedious and time-consuming, mostly paper based resulting in costly process cycles for employees, managers, and accounts payable personnel.

The whitepapers below will provide you with valuable information not only on the Facta Vera process but give you an overall understanding of the new technologies and processes what will take your company to the next level in payment processing, ACH/EFT, electronic notifications and payment approval.

Benefits of Facta Vera Electronic Payment Solution
If your AP payments could be automatically deposited directly into the accounts of your recurring vendors and employees for expenses, you’d lower your costs and increase your security and control over cash flow. read more
Can My Company Reap the Benefits of Electronic Payments?
Electronic payment processing can dramatically increase the productivity and decrease the overall cost of your payment processing. Virtually any business can benefit from adding an electronic EFT/ACH payment system. read more
Preventing Fraud in AP Process
Organizations today are engaged in a variety of initiatives to strengthen payments risk controls and protect the security, integrity and continuity of financial transactions. They are building defenses against fraud, tightening internal controls over the payments process and testing disaster recovery plans. read more
Comparing Paper vs. Electronic Transactions
Facta Vera’s payment automation solution gives businesses a comprehensive and easy to use solution that will seamlessly and securely migrate your payments to ACH/EFT transactions, and electronic remittance advice presentment. read more


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