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Download Demo

Thank you for downloading the Demonstration version of ChequePoint 4.0. For a full list of the application features click here.

Installing ChequePoint 4.0
To install ChequePoint 4.0, double-click on the Setup32.exe file and select the destination folder. The default location is "C:\CPOINT32".

Start the application
To login to ChequePoint, use the following credentials:
User: admin
Password: password

Print the sample cheques included
Click on the Print from a Data File Icon (Printer Icon). The cheques will print using the windows default printer.
As well a PDF folder will be created and the corresponding PDF's will be produced based on the printouts. Also, a BANK\MKM\PP folder will be created since these are cheques and a positive pay file is required for the bank.
The 'PDF' and 'Bank' folder will be located on the root folder of the application (i.e. by default C:\CPOINT32).

Download Demo
Download User Guide (.pdf)
Why ChequePoint 4 (.pdf)
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