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TAO provides businesses with a total integration, automation and communication capabilities.

  • Process control
  • Graphical interface for programming (tree view)
  • Fill in parameters, simplify scripting tasks and automate the process of file transfers
  • User prompts so the script can be an interactive process or automatic
  • Sophisticated scheduling, running as a service under Windows 2000/2003/XP
  • Work with ASYNC and TCPIP + support for SSL and internet standards like eReceipt, VeriSign, eCertificate, etc
  • Automation through CORBA and DCOM

File Operation

A wide range of file operation can be used to manipulate any desired file. Operations such as For Each Line can be used to extract any desired information from a file and put into variables to be used as required.


Time objects such as Scheduler, can be used to schedule any event or process. Any time pattern can be defined, making the Scheduler a powerful tool in automation.

Database Access

Native access to most SQL database such as Oracle, MS SQL, Informix and DB2 as well as desktop databases such as Access and dBase is provided with TAO through consistent, simple to use set of Database objects.

With Access to SQL databases, TAO can access all your Corporate data for pertinent information. Fully compatible with SQL language, the database objects can be used for any desired type of operation (select, insert, delete, etc.).


TAO provides high-level FTP objects to simplify the automation of any ftp process. Object such as FTP Wait For File, can keep a constant ftp connection until the desired file appears. This real-time process can insure quick and on-time delivery of mission critical business transaction files.


Messaging features in TAO supports POP3, MIME and SMTP standards.

Script processes such as automated E-mail response or forwarding can be set in a matter of minutes.

Flow Control

Apart from the error recovery, powerful branching objects are offered. Objects such as if conditions, can provide scripting option, to be executed for certain conditions. Conditions can also be set according to user prompt responses.

Error Recovery

On Error Object can be placed anywhere in the script. TAO also handles multi-level error checking, giving the process a powerful error recovery practice.

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