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eMerge provides electronic disbursements  capabilities for employee and vendor payment notification via e-mail or fax.

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  • Remittance Notification disbursement via e-mail and fax
  • Works with any mail or/and fax transport supporting Microsoft extended MAPI specification (including Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes)
  • Custom notifications messages
  • Auto resolves messages and recipients

eMerge is a revolutionary new software solution from Facta Vera Ltd. While eMerge can be used as a standalone application, it integrates seamlessly with ChequePoint, providing capability to electronically mail payment notifications to employees or customers. Using eMerge Address manager, you can effortlessly manage links between email addresses and your accounting data (such as an employee or vendor number).

Addressing, routing and the message content is entirely data-driven, using the power of ChequePoint condition objects. This means that you can send messages with different content to different payees, ranging from listing individual remittance items to inserting promotional messages based on customer's purchases. Or you can send carbon-copies or blind-copies of payments exceeding certain amounts to your financial officer in charge.

Its Windows-based user interface makes operation easy and intuitive - requiring only a few mouse clicks to import ChequePoint generated data and e-mail it to payees. Any other documents that can be processed by ChequePoint, such as invoices, purchase orders etc., can be e-mailed just as easily.

While other vendors talk about paper-efficiency, Facta Vera's eMerge provides a real, "cyber-aware" solution for paper-less information dissemination, while fully leveraging your current investment in information technology.

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