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DataBank provides a secure and easy to maintain database for vendor/employee banking information.

  • Management and maintenance of employee and vendor banking information
  • Ability to generate pre-notifications required by ACH
  • Import information from your payroll system
  • User-friendly Windowstm-based management interface
  • One-part and two-part keys, as well as the alias table
  • Tracks status
  • Maintains the 'Original' bank account
  • Generate a session or an activity report
  • Secure access and log
  • Allows the end-user to maintain payee information without MIS involvement

DataBank is our payee banking information management system that works with ChequePoint to provide a lookup source and facilitate payment type selection.  ChequePoint can be mapped to generate electronic funds transfer (EFT) or EDI transactions for payees whose banking information is available and activated.   DataBank can also be used with Chess, our manual cheque entry system, to facilitate vendor lookups and allow you to create manual electronic funds transfer requests.

DataBank can easily import information from your payroll system (for expense cheque conversion), and provides a user-friendly Windows (tm)-based management interface.

To insure a fit with any real-world application, DataBank uses one-part and two-part keys, as well as the alias table.  All of these are accessible for lookups from ChequePoint.  In a real-world example of expense cheque conversion, one-part key could be used to store employee's SIN/SSN, two-part key could hold division code and employee number, and the alias table could be used to relate the A/P vendor number for employee expenses to the first two.  In case of vendor, single (one-part) key would be used to store a unique vendor number. 

DataBank not only stores and indexes the payee banking information, but also tracks it's status. This includes the ability to generate (through ChequePoint) a zero-dollar transaction, called prenotification, used to insure the validity of the new banking information prior to it's live use.  To facilitate maintenance for a large number of payees, DataBank maintains the 'Original' bank account.  This is the bank account that was created when the payee was initially created or imported.  This insures that for employee expenses you will only have to override the accounts for employees that want their funds deposited into an account different from their payroll account.  When the account information is overridden, the new banking information first goes into pending state.  Once your bank approves a prenote for the account, an authorized  user can easily activate it with a click of a button.

DataBank provides reports (on-screen or printed) that let you quickly take a snapshot of currently overridden or alias payees.  It also provides the ability to generate a session report after each use, or an activity report within a period of time.

DataBank provides same secure access as ChequePoint.  Only authorized users are granted access to the program using username/password combination.  You can further tune the access level by granting individual users access to general information, bank account modification, activation and alias changes.  All actions on the data (bank account overrides or status changes, alias changes, etc.) are logged in the history file.

Best of all, DataBank is easy to use and it allows the end-user to maintain payee information without MIS involvement.  When combined with flexibility of ChequePoint, this allows you to gradually convert your payments from paper based to electronic.

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