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Chess works in concert with ChequePoint to provide Chess businesses with a total payment dashboard tool, allowing for payment sorting, viewing and secure approval. One system, allows you to track, manage and approve payments with multiple account and currency maintenance, reporting and advanced reconciliation features.

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  • Distributed manual payment entry
  • Payment warehousing
  • Distributed manual payment entry
  • Payment warehousing
  • A/P Stream Warehousing
  • Distributed Manual Input Warehousing
  • Recurring Payments and EFT/FEDI Warehousing
  • Sorting, viewing and secure approval
  • Multiple account maintenance
  • Reporting and reconciliation
  • Strict authorization cycle

In keeping with Facta Vera Ltd. policy of flexibility, affordability, utility and scalability, our customers can purchase as much or as little of our suite of products as needed to solve their unique needs. Our products integrate seamlessly with each other and allows the customer the option of adding products as their needs change, without expensive and time consuming alterations.

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