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ChequePoint brings MICR laser cheque printing, electronic funds transfer,
Positive Pay, electronic notification, output management, reporting, and much more to your businesses.

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Advanced Laser Cheque Printing (Seamlessly Integrates Multiple Companies, Banks, Financial Systems, Platforms, Payment Types, Printers, Locations, Signing Officers and cheque layouts).

  • Direct Deposits/ EFT's (employee expenses or vendor payments)
  • Electronic Remittance Notification (e-mail or fax)
  • Electronic Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc.
  • Delivered as a turnkey system
  • Bank Services:
    - Positive pay
    - Direct deposit
    - Financial EDI (820)
    - and much, much more...
  • Payment and Reconciliation Automation
  • Facilitates a gradual conversion from paper based to electronic payment means

It has likely come to your attention that businesses that generate large volumes of cheques are turning their attention to laser cheque printing. They are doing so with good reason. Laser cheque printing offers many advantages over traditional impact cheque printing, including greater security, flexibility and speed. The following document outlines the advantages of printing cheques on a laser printer and of using ChequePoint to do it.

Advantages of Laser Cheque Printing with ChequePoint

Flexible Input Options
Part of ChequePoint's power lies in its ability to read data from virtually any accounting package without software changes by the end user. ChequePoint can read spool files, Paradox database files, and flat files. Output from an accounting package's cheque run can even be redirected from a printer to a file that can then be interpreted by ChequePoint.

Flexible Output Options
ChequePoint can generate cheques on either letter or legal sized stock and in virtually any format. ChequePoint can be configured to print one cheque and one stub per page, one cheque and two stubs per page, or as many cheques as will fit on a page. ChequePoint can even be used to laser print invoices and other forms on cut sheet stock.  You don't even have to generate printed output - ChequePoint can be mapped to generate direct deposit files (EFT) instead of physical cheques if payee banking data is available.  Payment remittances, invoices, purchase orders etc. can be e-mailed (or faxed) if address information is present.

Less Wasted Stock
Because of the larger areas provided by cut sheet forms (11 inches for cut sheet versus 7 inches for continuous) and better typographical control of laser printers, more cheque detail information can be printed on one cheque stub, thus reducing the amount of stock wasted by overflows. ChequePoint can compress overflow detail lines seamlessly by reading more than one overflow cheque stub at a time and consolidating the detail lines onto one stub. If overflows are still a problem, ChequePoint can print the cheque on cheque stock and the overflow pages on plain stock. ChequePoint is even versatile enough to print on up to ten different laser printers, anywhere on the network, simultaneously. This feature can be used to print a copy of the entire cheque and stub to another printer, in a different location, on plain white stock.

ChequePoint provides security at the cheque printing level by offering multi-level password protection, a user access log, and cheque printing audit trails. Your company also has the option of purchasing a software security key that denies access to ChequePoint unless the security key is physically attached to the computer.

Secure Font
As an extra cheque printing security feature, ChequePoint provides an optional secure numbering font to take the place of the cheque amount written out in words. This secure font has dark areas, uneven spacing (both horizontally and vertically), named digits, and different typefaces for dollar and cent amounts. These features make it difficult to modify the cheque amount.

Positive Pay Files
ChequePoint can generate a positive pay file that can be sent to inform your bank of the
cheques that have been cut. The bank then takes responsibility for cashing fraudulent cheques that have not been pre-approved in the positive pay file.

Look-up tables and conditions allow ChequePoint to make decisions during a cheque run such as which logo to print, which bank account to draw funds from, whether or not to print signatures and which signatures to print.

User Friendly
A user friendly button bar provides access to the commonly invoked ChequePoint functions. ChequePoint also provides feedback to keep you abreast of what it is doing throughout the cheque printing process.

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