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Our Partners


At Facta Vera, our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets your business needs. That means giving you the flexibility to deliver a total solution. For that reason, Facta Vera has established a nationwide network of partners to help you get the most from your Facta Vera Payment Automation solution.

Interested in Facta Vera's partner opportunities? Learn more about how you can join a powerful network of leading solution providers. Learn more

Referral Program
Facta Vear's Referral Program is tailored for businesses that have customer relationships with companies in specific industries, or with certain business or IT needs that Facta Vera can uniquely address . As a Referral Partner, you will identify potential Facta Vera customers and refer them to Facta Vera representatives for a revenue share of referred accounts. As part of the program, Facta Vera Referral Partners receive the tools they need to promote our solutions to their client base. Please click here to learn more about the Facta Vea Referral Program.

Business Partner Directory
Facta Vera has established strategic alliances with companies that share its vision in providing end-to-end business solutions to the marketplace. These industry-leading partners help us deliver unparalleled value to our customers, which further maximize our customers' investment in Facta Vera solutions click here.

Applications Program
The Applications Program facilitates third-party software vendors to extend and enhance the Facta Vera application or their own solution offering. Please click here to learn more about Applications Program.

The Facta Vera solutions are offered both directly and through an extensive partner network. This distribution network offers clients convenient access to a network of authorized distributors and service providers. Please click here to learn more about Reseller Program.






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