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Facta Vera is a leading North American payment automation company powering interactions between companies and enabling them to optimize efficiency by conducting business electronically. We deliver solutions and services to a variety of industries in North America, including Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, the transaction-intensive Financial Services/Banking/Insurance, Technology/Media, Transportation/Retail/Distribution, as well as the Manufacturing and Public Sector markets.

Facta Vera has hundreds of customers throughout North America ranging in industry, business size and software solutions. We encourage you to read these stories of tremendous savings, both through reducing costs, and more importantly


AXA Insurance
"The Facta Vera implementation resulted in more efficiency in our financial services department."

Katherine McCullam, Controller

Manitoba Public Insurance
"Facta Vera offers an exceptionally flexible and versatile product which has met ALL of our needs for cheques and vendor electronic payment in an economical and efficient manner."

Leo C J de Folter, PMP , Project Manager, IBM Global Services


CANPAR Transport
“Facta Vera is an exceptionally flexible and versatile product which has met ALL of our needs for cheques and vendor Direct Deposits in an economical and efficient manner. The after sales support has been invaluable and has been provided by knowledgeable staff on a timely basis."

Nam Maheshwari, Project Accountant

Logistics & Brokerage

FedEx Trade Networks
"Facta Vera is extreamly flexible and the GUI is laid out in a logical manor. Very impressive!"

Erik Moyer, Payment Administrator

Finance & Banking

OPSEU Pension Trust
"We have reduced our costs through the elimination of manual processes and have improved our imaged information by adding cheques that were previously never imaged."

Tracy Hatanaka-Lejnieks, Corporate Controlle

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Pfizer Canada Inc.
“We have dealt with Facta Vera ever since we implemented JDE in 1997. Receiving great services from Facta Vera staff is certainly not a surprise.  However, I thought once a while you would not mind to hear that from your customer.”

Wen Wang, Accounts Payable Supervisor

Solvay Pharma Inc.
If you are a company looking to move toward a paperless disbursement system I would recommend Facta Vera's software & implementation services."

Alan Grandy C.A. , Controller

Public Sector

Public Employees Retirement Systems of Nevada
"In conducting our search and making our decision, we considered the overall features of each product, features that were optional versus those that are required as part of the software, flexibility, ease of use, initial cost, ongoing maintenance costs, and how the search process was handled by the vendor. We wanted to find the product that best fit the needs of our agency while providing the highest ongoing value for the dollars spent."

Ann Schleich, Chief Accountant

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