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MICR check printing, ACH EFT, electronic remittance
Check printing, EFT/ACH and Payment Notification

MICR Laser Check printing
See how our state-of-the-art laser MICR check printing technology and
Positive Pay solutions can make your job easier and faster, and your
business more competitive and secure.

ACH and EFT electronic payments
Automate payment processing with ACH and EFT payments. With Facta Vera, not only will you reduce the cost of processing and bank charges, your AP staff will have more productivity and less time will be spent on menial tasks.

Electronic Remittance Advice Presentment
Run your payables more effectively, fully integrating your electronic
payments with automated electronic remittance advice presentment.
Eliminate most if not all manual and paper based processes, reduce cost and improve your relationships.



Download the trial for our payment
processing solution and see how the MICR check printing, ACH/EFT and electronic remittance will work
for you.

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